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Opera Singers of the Twentieth Century

Thomas Crawford   ISBN-978-0-9837059-7-0

Thomas Crawford’s interest in opera and painting developed during his childhood in Burbank, California. He is a graduate of Stanford University and George Washington University Law School, was in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Foreign Service, and practiced law in San Francisco.


A book geared towards those wishing to expand their knowledge of one of the world's most important classical art forms, author Thomas Crawford takes an in-depth look at some of the most prolific operatic voices of the twentieth century.

Dynamics of Wellness and Fitness
For Older Adults

George McGlynn   ISBN-978-0-9837059-2-5

Similar to his previous work in the health genre, George Mcglynn's Dynamics of Wellness & Fitness for Older Adults provides seniors with with an unprecedented look at the best ways to maintain good health going into an individual's elder years. Professor George McGlynn succeeds once again in transferring his knowledge to the reader in a simplistic and down-to-earth manner. This series is a must have for individuals and academic programs alike.

Jesse Sapolu:

I Gave My Heart To San Francisco

Jesse Sapolu   ISBN-978-0-9837059-6-3

Four time Super Bowl San Francisco 49er's legend Jesse Sapolu lets you deep in his chest to see the heart of a champion.  From sideline to gametime, learn what it takes to protect the backfield with one of the NFL's tightest offensive lines ever.  Operating table to Lombardi Trophy, highs and lows, the hurt and healing; a true American success story about a hero who gave his heart to the team and city he loved.

Greg Townsend: All Time

Greg Townsend   ISBN-978-0-9837059-3-2

Super Bowl winning all time Raiders Sack Leader, Greg Townsend, takes you through his amazing career from locker room to living room. Go toe to toe with one of the legends in Raiders history. You will meet one of the elite game changers. You won't find a football story quite like this anywhere.

The 3+1 Diet: Get Beyond Fit

Marco Reed   ISBN-978-0-9837059-1-8

Marco has developed an easy to follow diet plan turning your body into a fat burning machine!  His diet regimen is the perfect mixture of proteins, vegetables, fruits and starches to maximize weight loss.  Marco has turned the industry on its head by utilizing a strategic mix of multiple formats and combining that traditional profile into innovative whole body applications.  One-on-one training or group boot camp style workouts incorporate functional/circuit training, kick boxing, resistance work, dancing, stretching and simple meditation which are augmented by a strong knowledge of nutrition.

jackie fabulous

Find Your Fabulous

Jackie Fabulous   ISBN-978-0-9837059-0-1

Heyyyyy, JFab here! Want to find your Fabulous? Open this book and discover how I found my Fabulous. After student loans, failed marriages, and yo-yo dieting I wanted to write an honest book about life and entertain with the truth; reassuring us that we are not alone and we do not have to be ashamed that most life-lessons can at some point make us laugh. As a comedian, actress and motivational speaker, I am proud to bring purpose-driven comedy into your heart and perhaps take some of the pain away with humor. These tell all stories may embarrass my parents, myself, and maybe a few friends, but with the ultimate goal of inspiring others and having fun while you Find Your Fabulous!

Who IS Your Daddy?

Craig Shoemaker   ISBN-978-0-9837059-4-9

Award winning stand-up comedian, producer, and writer Craig Shoemaker shares his journey of stumbling into fatherhood after growing up without one.  Craig learned early on to be the man of the house, even though he was only a small boy with few tools.  In Craig's comical quest for a father figure and learning how to become a man, there are some triumphs, as well as countless mishaps.

Dynamics of Wellness and Fitness

George McGlynn   ISBN-978-0-9837059-5-6

George McGlynn is Professor Emeritus and former chair and professor of the Exercise and Sports Science Department at the University of San Francisco.  In addition, he was director of the USF Human Performance Laboratory and established the graduate program in Sport’s Management and Fitness as well as the first personal and community health courses. McGlynn has written extensively on the subjects: wellness, cardiorespiratory fitness, and strength training.  He is the author of numerous professional articles and five books including Dynamics of Fitness (5th Edition), which is one of the most popular fitness texts on the market.